Walk About Zion

(Psalm 46:4-5; Psalm 48:12-14) Written in 1985 as Hope Chapel planted Church of the Hills.
Lead vocals:
David and Donjalea Chrane, Jack Dorman, LaMisha Williams


There is a river whose streams
Shall make glad the city of God
God is in the midst of her and
She shall not be moved
Walk about Zion. Go all around her
Count her towers and mark her well
Consider her palaces that you may
Tell it to the generations to come

For this is God, our God
Forever and ever
And He will be our guide unto death
For this is God, our God
Forever and ever
And He will be our guide unto death

4 thoughts on “Walk About Zion

  1. Hey Debbie, What a wonderful treat to find you online! I was reading Psalm 48 yesterday and wanting to hear Walk About Zion so badly. Finally, tonight I started looking for it online and found the song and you. I had no idea that you had written it. Anyway, I now have my very own copy, and I’m thrilled.
    (Just as a reminder, I went to Hope Chapel many, many, many moons ago–Jason’s mom. The kid who always wore a hat.)
    BTW, there’s another song that I have really missed hearing. Virgie Hudson and Cheryl Soanes used to sing it. I don’t remember much of the lyrics. It started off slow and mournful then suddenly broke into jubilant singing of, “The temple of God is with men again!” Absolutely wonderful and I have tried and tried to find it on YouTube but just haven’t been able to.
    Thanks and Blessings!

    • Hi Laura, thanks for your comments. Wow. Good to hear from you. We haven’t seen you in a long time.

      The song you are remembering is “The Tabernacle of God is with Men again” and I don’t remember the author, but it was a long time ago. I couldn’t find it on Youtube. I’ll tell Deb you looked her up and she might respond also.


  2. Hi there! I remember hearing my church choir singing this song years ago when I was a teen and I loved it. Now I am in my 30s and am exploring music to have played at my wedding and am wondering if you have a recording of this I can listen to. I would like to hear it again and suggest it to my fiancé. Thank you!

    • Hi, Rita. The song is available via iTunes, Amazon music, and sundry other places. The Album is Songs of Hope by Debbie Dorman and the song is Walk About Zion. I think you can find it on Spotify, also. Let us know if you have other questions. What church was it, by the way??


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