Intercession Song

(Isaiah 43:5,6; Philippians 2:11) This began as a spontaneous song during worship practice.
Background vocals: Jack Dorman, Jeff Dorman

They’re coming from the North
And they’re coming from the South
Give them back!

They’re coming from the East
And they’re coming from the West
Let them go!

They’re coming out of darkness,
Coming into Light
Give them back!

They’re coming out of bondage,
Coming into Freedom
Give them back and let them worship Jesus
Come and worship Jesus!

Every knee will bow
And every tongue confess that Jesus is the Lord
Jesus Christ is Lord

Jesus is the Lord, Jesus is the King
Jesus is my Rock, He’s my everything
He’s the only Way to God, the perfect sacrifice
Jesus is the Lamb, He’s the living Christ

Intercession Song – Bb (G)

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